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Modus Foundation connects people and resources to improve health and social care in Hungary. We introduce new care solutions for elderly citizens and people living with chronic diseases. We find ways to connect elderly with their family, friends and professional staff and thereby live safe in own home.

To engage with Modus is to help people living a more active and healthier life and to support them in learning how to use connected (digital) health and care solutions.  Modus strives to be a key player and contributor to a modern Hungarian health and social care system, where citizens by connected and digital health can improve their life-quality and feel safer living in their own home.

MODUS explores assistive technologies to help elderly generations and front-line care personnel to make right decisions every day. For friends and relatives it is important to have “generation-friendly technologies and services” at hand. We help getting use of connected technologies. We also bring citizens and the health industry together to create user-friendly, easy-to-use and foremost affordable solutions for low-income citizens. 


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Our activities

Our activities

Our activities
Dementia, Alzheimer's disease – information and counseling How to support and help dementia patients Organization of Alzheimer’s Cafes Healthy Ageing Program General training program for care professionals Digital health and welfare technologies

Dementia, Alzheimer's disease – information and counseling

Dementia is a disease which nowadays affects tens of thousands of people in Hungary. With an early diagnosis and an active, preventive lifestyle our elderly citizens can still stay and live an active life in their own home for more years ahead without any active support. Modus foundation supports and provides mentoring for people to find active solutions and the right kind of help. We do it by information towards relatives and network and we do it by training of care helpers and health personnel in the primary health sector.

How to support and help dementia patients

Modus has developed a formal, accredited education program for social workers and a non-formal training program for relatives/family caregivers in two specific topics:

  • special care and activation of people with Azheimer's disease, dementia;
  • digital welfare technologies in care.

Modus provides the training programs in a flexible and easy-to-use manner in the form of e-learning.

Organization of Alzheimer’s Cafes

Modus is a dedicated organiser of Alzheimer’s Cafes. The Cafe is a regular meeting place for people with dementia and their carers where people can share their experiences and challenges. MODUS supports families who care for their elderly loved ones living in their own home by organizing regular Café meetings and consultation opportunities.

Healthy Ageing Program

Modus has conceptualised a Healthy Ageing program which is offered to larger cities and townships in Hungary. This program is foremost a preventive program. It is aimed to involve and connect people from the age group of +55 to be aware of all the aspects of healthy living. The program includes „health competences”, which support the use of digital technologies, therefore help us to be aware of our own health conditions. Modus’s Healthy Ageing Program gives ideas how to live an active life together with both family, friends and network.

It is the aim of Modus to support Cities and Communities to make sure that facilities and meeting possibilities can create a foundation for healthy living.

General training program for care professionals

Modus provides both formal (accredited) and non-formal training and education programs for staff and professionals in the Hungarian primary care sector. We also organise short term trainings for relatives/family caregivers. There are specific trainings (as the ones related to Dementia), but we also provide training on „Quality Development” and basic skills trainings to enforce digital competences. In 2020 a special training catalogue in „Digital Health” will be released by Modus.
The training and education programs can be provided in the form of physical, on-site trainings, or in the form of online e-learning trainings.

Digital health and welfare technologies

Digital health technology support people to improve quality of life by helping them being better connected with their relatives and friends. Technology can make life easier and safer by the use of sensors and GPS, which will provide warnings if accidents happen in own home. Technology can also help people to be aware of their own health conditions, whether they urgently need help or they can handle situations themselves. Finally, technology can also be assisistive in case of physical handicap and many of them also support people’s mental capacity by cognitive tools. Modus has created an overview of health technologies that contribute to better life quality, and we support care helpers, municipalities and institutions, also active citizens in finding the right and effective solutions for themselves.

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