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About us

Modus Foundation was established in 2005 as a non-profit organization registered in Hungary. From its start the aim of Modus has been to play an active and professional role in the modernisation and improvement of the Hungarian welfare system.


Our mission is to enforce citizens to live an active and healthy life. This will be accomplished by the improvement and capacity of professional staff, volunteers and active citizens. Modus will introduce all relevant digital technologies, which effectively can improve peoples health situation and connection to the professional health system, to family and friends and volunteers.


Modus shall be a key player and contributor to a modern Hungarian health and social care system, where citizens by the use of connected and digital solutions can improve life-quality, sulfsustained living and feel supported by a digital-connected health system.

Modus – The Priorities

  • Programs for „Healthy ageing”
  • Health care solutions by the use of technology that connects people and improve safe living in own home by the involvement of family, friends and volunteers
  • Capacity building of health and social staff in the use of relevant technologies and new care strategies
  • Introduce open learning possibilities for citizens to make them able to use health technology, internet and social media.


Data of MODUS Foundation

Founder:  LearnDigital Development Pltd., , 3/131., 9 Népfürdő utca, 1138 – Budapest, Hungary
Tax number: 18368307-1-03
Headquarters: 1/b.  Margaréta str., Kecskemét- 6000, Hungary
Branch office 1: 13 Eötvös J. út, 4244  – Újfehértó, Hungary
Branch office 2: 15 Vellay Imre str., 6726 – Szeged, Hungary
Branch office 3: 5  Hétvezér u., 2660 – Balassagyarmat, Hungary
Legal representative:  Mrs. Józsefné Cserbán head of board of trustees







Board of Trustees


Mrs. Józsefné Cserbán

Mrs. Józsefné Cserbán

Head of MODUS Foundation

Expert in social policy and social care, mental hygiene specialist. MSc. in social policy and social work.

Professional Experience (25 years):

  • organization, management and quality improvement of social services;
  • development and implementation of methodological development programs, training topics;
  • Providing social expertise in the field of elderly care and complex condition assessment of disabled persons
  • social work with elderly people, people with disabilities, psychiatric patients and relatives;
  • contribution to the training programs held for social professionals as a lecturer and trainer.

Lajos Varjú

Lajos Varjú

Board Member

Mental hygiene specialist, economist and sociologist.

Professional Experience (26 years):

  • expert on curriculum development
  • provides training and teaching activities related to public education and adult education
  • contributes to the development and management of education-related projects
  • generation of social and child welfare programs, professional support and counseling;
  • program evaluation and mentoring activities.




Lars Alrø Olesen

Lars Alrø Olesen

Head of Innovations

Senior Advisor on Welfare and education policy.

Professional Experience (37 years):

  • Consultancy experience in the development and implementation of public sector and non-profit sector development programs
  • Evaluation of EC-funded development programs in the areas of social policy, employment policy and education
  • Extensive, two-decade international experience in the transformation and development of social and welfare systems, especially in CEE countries
    • EBSN Secretariat Budapest – Associated since 2011 (start of EBSN)
    • Advisor to the Danish Ministry of Education (1996-2017)
    • Senior Consultant at the National Institute of Local Government Training and Education (BICK Program – European Commission)
    • Head of the Danish Company Instructor Program – Danish Industry Fund 2013-17
    • ASEM – Ensuring Basic Skills for All & ASEM Research HUB for LLL (2000-07)
    • Worked in Hungary (since 1992) / Estonia / CZ / Vietnam / South Korea

Katalin Fehér

Katalin Fehér

Webshop Manager

Networking and service development
Professional Experience (15 years):

  •  mapping and evaluating user needs and experiences
  • online communication
  • design and development of user manuals and support materials
  • testing and developing new services

Zoltán Szabó

Zoltán Szabó

Web-designer & digital content developer


  • Web design and digital design
  • Digital processing of professional content for offline and online environments

+45 29 641 618
Lars Alroe Olesen
1 Margaréta str., Kecskemét, H-6000 13 Eötvös J. road, Újfehértó, H-4244

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