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Digital Health Program – Kemecse 2018-19

Modus has launched an awareness campaign to promote digital health solutions in 11 settlements of Kemecse district, Hungary. As the increasing number of elderly people in need of care is a growing challenge nowadays, campaign of Modus has been linked to dementia and on providing information about active ageing and Alzheimer’s disease. Modus introduced carefully selected digital solutions that makes life easier for families and individuals who suffer from dementia. We also introduce digital devices to the public which support health protection, patient care and follow-up, with a try-out opportunity of the different devices.

Reason for the program

Use of digital solutions is a basic requirement for us in many areas of life. But we need to use them properly, based on the acquisition of related knowledge. Our children are already born into the digital world, and they quickly become well-educated users by learning the visual language.

For some of us who are middle-aged or older learning the necessary knowledge about how to the use digital solutions safely and appropriately might be a challenge But digital skills are critical for older persons, as it helps feeling empowered and in control of their own lives. Digital skills helps us maintaining relationships with our families, our communities and even beyond. They also help seniors to socialize, ease the pain of being alone and be creative.

Our goal in the program was to raise the interest of the residents towards digitalisation,  informing them how use digital devices properly and to raise their attention toward the available digital services, especially the existing e-state services or e-health services.

Our target groups

We offered our programs for the following interest groups:

  • who were not yet familiar, but wanted to find out more about digital devices and services;
  • who are interested in protecting and preserving their health;
  • who care for elderly patients at home (eg. suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s disease).

Our activities:

  • We designed posters, leaflets, and provided basic information about the program through the local press and the through our website, promoting digital technologies and applications.
  • We organized non-formal educational programs and field visits for those interested. A total of 22 on-site events took place, with brief presentations, informal consultations.
  • We have developed professional content on the issues of active aging, on the use of digital devices, e-administration basics, e-health basics and on dementia prevention, which we have also shared with the public on our website.
  • We searched and introduced digital welfare tools, we supported their personal testing.

The results of the program were presented to the mayors of the settlements and other interested persons in the framework of the program’s closing conference.

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