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Organisation of Alzheimer’s Cafés – 2018-19

Settlements of Érpatak, Újfehértó, Bököny, Tiszanagyfalu, Kálmánháza and Tiszavasvár

One support program is the The Alzheimer’s Café. It is organised  to support people suffering from dementia and their carers, and to help resolve issues in dementia care in the frame of friendly meetings. Our events are characterized by the involvement of professionals, systematically structured content and consultation opportunities for local citizens. We recommend our Alzheimer’s Café events to anyone interested in dementia.

Presently Modus organizes a program consisted of a range of (72) events in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County aimed to support dementia patients.

+45 29 641 618
Lars Alroe Olesen
1 Margaréta str., Kecskemét, H-6000 13 Eötvös J. road, Újfehértó, H-4244

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