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Dementia – Alzheimer’s Café

The growing number of elderly people in our community also result in a fast growing need for treatment and care of elderly with chronic diseases. Dementia is among such chronic diseases.

Dementia is a disease of symptoms caused by disorder affecting the brain.  Symptoms may include memory loss and difficulties with comprehension, problem-solving, judgement or language. Dementia is not a normal part of ageing.  The care and treatment of people suffering from dementia require a lot of professional effort and time from the care staff, but foremost it has an enourmous impact on families and relatives.

Modus Foundation has produced a number of informative materials for the general public, and the aim of our cooperation with local governments is to launch an active aging program for the settlements and to sensitize the population.


Modus has initiated a number of Alzheimer’s Cafes. These are meeting points for people in local communities living with Alzheimer’s. The Cafes are also meeting points for relatives caring for someone with Alzheimer’s and for professional caretakers who have the possibility to join these local meeting places.

Modus offers support to Municipalities or Institutions who plan to open Alzheimer’s Cafes. Our support is consisted of the followings:

  • Help to organise and announce the Alzheimer’s Cafe
  • Training of both professional and volunteer staff
  • Communication strategy
  • Exchange of expereince and evaluation
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