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D-Care Programme (Interreg)

In Smart Care and Health Cooperation Programme for the Danube Region our “Ginkonet Knowledge Base about Dementia Care” program has been recommended to support and facilitate partner organisations of the Programme.

Ginkonet Dementia Knowledge Base – citizens can get easy access to basic information about Alzheimer’s and other cognitive diseases. Everybody can re-read/repeat the information whenever they feel the need or when their time allows them. Short videos on dementia supplement the needed knowledge. The more courses taken, the more knowledge will support people living with dementia, as easily as possible. The learning process is organised through videos (DemenSzia videos) and will test the users’ gained knowledge.

Parallel with this support program, Modus provides dementia care training for home care givers (online digital e-learning and offline presence-based workshops), coordination of existing social and health care services, and coordination of the support provided by the activities of the dementia coordinators. Modus also introduces and integrates digital welfare technologies into care practice.

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